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Help The Homeless

We do whatever it takes to make sure the unhoused don’t just survive but thrive. QRCharity believes that every person should have access to a warm meal and a bank account.

Our Mission

Our organization pursues several goals that can be identified as our mission. Learn more about them below.

Financial Empowerment

Our main mission is to provide meals and financial independence for the unhoused and unbanked.

Reduced Substance Abuse

By working with our partners, we aim to establish healthy spending habits for users.


Our charitable donors receive updates when their money is spent with details on what was bought.

How It Works

At QRCharity our goal is to be as transparent as possible. Your doantions go directly to the peole in need, with us acting as a Trust Account to ensure appropraite spending.

QR Codes Distributed to the Homeless

Each person is given a unique QR code which they use as their bank account. We help them setup a profile with some basic info. They can then display this QR code on cardboard signs or anywhere else they desire to collect donations.

QR Codes Scanned by Donor

A passerby on the street scans the QR code and is brought to the person's personal donation page. There they can read all about the person, their passions and goals, as well as what they need. The person can then donate via e-transfer, credit card, or even crypto.

Spending the Money

The owner of the QR code can proceed to any of our partner companies and pre-approved vendors such as Tim Hortons, Loblaws, McDonalds. Once at the store they can check their balance by scanning the QR code and/or make any purchases using the money assocaited with that QR code. If they attempt to spend the money at non approved vendor the transaction is rejected.

Closing the Loop

Based on the final amount of that transaction a prior donor is matched and recieves an email letting them know their donation has been spent along with a list of what they helped the person buy. These creates a sense of happiness and tangibility.

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